US Y-STR Database

Release: 4.2.1 | Last Updated: 01/26/2018

Mixture Analysis Tools

The Mixture Analysis Tools are provided as a service to the forensic community. NCFS has not performed extensive validation of these tools and therefore the presence of a tool does not necessarily imply the endorsement of the method by NCFS. The software tools compute the possible haplotype contributors to a forensic casework Y-STR mixture and provide a count of how many times these haplotypes are found in the Database.

Prior to use in any criminal and/or civil case matter, users will need to conduct their own validation of the software and/or independently confirm the results on a case-by-case basis. Instructions for use are included in each program. Click the links below to open the desired program and enable macros.

Mixture ToolRelease VersionLast Updated
California Department of Justice Y-Mix Database Filter Tool4.204/10/2017
Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences Y-Mixture Tool3.302/11/2014
Denver Y-Mixture Tool3.302/11/2014
Connecticut Forensic Lab Y-Mixture Tool4.111/03/2015
Massachusetts State Police Y-Mixture Tool3.303/03/2014